• 55 mEUR cell value
  • 60 mpcs battery cells
  • 43 mpcs final products
  • 7 main suppliers

Welcome to VIDEOTON Battery Technologies website! Everything, what is battery!

VIDEOTON Battery Technologies Ltd. is the member of VIDEOTON company group. The company which has a site in Kaposvár and Marcali is such a subsidiary of VIDEOTON which combines tradition and values in accordance with technical development, industry 4.0 and innovation. We have been a member of the European Battery Alliance (EBA) since 2018. 

Cells, battery packs, unique components, modules, or devices and systems? Varied, small volume series or less varied high volume series? VIDEOTON Battery Technologies Ltd. is a competent and reliable partner in all areas. Our decades of experience and a wide range of technology supply provide the basis on which we can implement the ideas together.

The activities of VIDEOTON Battery Technologies Ltd. are builds on strategic partnership and integrated manufacturing services. We offer competitive cost level production, personalized solutions and business models for the long-established business partners, who are active in the battery business, in the long run. The number of partners and our portfolio continuously expand. Our customer base expands to the area of battery applications, household appliances, health care, entertainment, and automotive industry. World-renowned companies have repeatedly appreciated and rewarded our endeavours.

We are always up to date technologically; it characterizes both of our sites that we do not only have the same devices, machines, and processes, but we provide the same outstanding quality, flexibility, and safety everywhere.

To find the optimal manufacturing solution for your product, we either take the opportunity within our company group, or we get in contact with the most suitable partner of our supplier network. In this way, especially when preparing the test pieces and the launching of the new product, we can react significantly faster and more flexibly by exploiting our internal technological areas.  

Varied solutions and high-quality requirements are not a problem for us; we regard them as challenges.