Company history

  • 2021

    Cooperating with startups.

    Production of the battery packs of portable power source.

  • 2020

    Self-developed / designed assembly lines

    Production automation

  • 2018

    New customers and market segments in our portfolio

    European Battery Alliance membership

  • 2015

    Expansion of automotive customers

    Assembly of e-call batteries

    Cooperation with VIDEOTON Bulgaria

  • 2012

    New Li-Ion e-bike packs

    Conception of the first self-designed battery pack

    Li-Ion batteries of a stick vacuum cleaner

  • 2011

    Start the production of power tool battery packs

    Medical market entry

  • 2010

    Automotive market entry (Ni-Mh)

    ISO 16949 automotive certification

  • 2009

    Start the production of Li-Ion batteries

  • 2008

    Restart of battery production in Marcali, establishing a place dedicated for battery assembly

  • 1997-2002

    First phase of battery production in Kaposvár, package of Ni-MH and Lithium-metal battery