Engineering services

Reliable, quality production and the required modern systems which support production are the basis of the sustainable development of our company and long-term strategic importance relations which has resulted more concentration in daily production and common developments together with the partners.

From design to industrial construction together with our partners!

Our engineers contribute and monitor the production by developing activities which support production, automation and introduction of more and more industry 4.0 solutions. The industrialization team creates the flexible plan and accomplishment of complete assembly lines and devices that help production. They pay special attention for the ergonomic, employment protection, economic, and environmentally friendly aspects as well as the results of planning (DfM) fits to the product specific assembly. The product is prepared for mass production already in the product development phase. Through simultaneous technical design, our processes guarantee the ideal coherence between product and technology development. Based on customer needs we examine different scenarios, and prepare the optimal production conceptions.  

The production system is designed and implemented in cooperation with our internal and external partners, already on the basis of the digital product and the production system because our customers not only entrust us with the assembly and the procurement of the batteries, but our engineers are also actively involved in the development phase. With the help of our support processes, product and technology certifications easily go through each sample phase until the production ramp-up is coordinated with our customers. During their latest project, engineer organization was working on a complex semi-automated assembly line where the work stations and the end-of-line tests are all own developments. 

Production line conception personalized for customer needs and requirements:

  • unconnected one-person workstation for sample production, low volume, or varied products. Components are transmitted manually.
  • connected manual one-person work station for component part
  • mixture of manual and automated work processes for high complexity or high volume products
  • semi-automated, robotized production lines for high volume products
Semi-automated assembly line designed and constructed by VIDEOTON

Qualified people in the engineer team have decades of experience in battery assembly and in the development of household appliances, they use their knowledge to develop other battery-driven appliances. 

Beside our engineers follow the latest trends, we provide competitive prices to our partners. For further information, please visit our website!

  • feasibility studies, CFMEA, DFMEA, PFMEA analysis
  • co-developing of new components (early involvement)
  • component design with 2D, 3D documentations
  • creating prototypes (Objet30 3D printer)
  • tool management
  • product renewing
  • assembly lines
  • solutions of industry 4.0
  • automation
  • single-purpose machines
  • lifetime, function and high voltage testers
  • electronic data collection systems
  • sourcing of key components

Engineering background

  • 25 engineers
    –  5 electrical, 16 mechanical engineers, 4 computer engineer
  • mechanical CAD software
    –  Creo2-ProE, NX6, SolidEdge ST4
  • electronic CAD software
    –  E-Plan, Lab View, Protel, WinSTEP
  • in-house test lab
  • experience in household appliances, battery packs
  • further engineering and development capacity is available at VIDEOTON Holding

Design capabilities

Construction system (by customers)

  • basic parameters
  • master specification
  • outer dimension of battery pack
  • characteristics of cell
  • capacity, lifetime
  • overcharge adjuster*
  • feasibility study*


  • electronic features (fixing, insulation)
  • selection of electronic components
  • protection electronic incl. PCB design within VIDEOTON Group
  • functional tests
  • testing (in-circuit), electrical features (fixing, insulation)


  • plastic design
  • 3D printing (Objet 30, Formlabs)
  • standard pack design
  • material specification
  • position of internal connection points
  • mechanical calculation
  • electric shock protection
  • testing (function, leakage)


  • solutions of industry 4.0
  • assembly workstations
  • manual, automated and semi-automated assembly lines
  • single purpose machines
  • jig design & production
  • tooling design & production
  • plastic injection mould tooling
  • testers (functional, mechanical, cell voltage, polarity etc.)

* our aim is to acquire them