VIDEOTON Battery Technologies Ltd is aware of social responsibilities; our business management principle reflects it. We engaged to respect values, norms and human rights and maintain judicial and social order of our country and our partners’ as well.

For us, social responsibility means to build social, environmental, economic, colleague associated considerations into the philosophy of our company and the decision making processes. It happens in a transparent way in order to develop procedures within the company, creating value and serve the development of the society.


From the very beginning our company has always been an important factor in the development of Somogy County, Kaposvár and Marcali. Furthermore supporting cultural and sport events plays an important role in the mind set of our management.


For years VIDEOTON Battery Technologies Ltd. and VIDEOTON Elektro-PLAST Ltd. have been one of the companies having the highest turnover in Somogy County. Our economic responsibility means more than the legal requirements only, being important for the business sphere and the society we aim to draw attention to certain questions by using our experiences efficiently. Our goal is not only to let the content and way of our services be proper for the highest professional requirements but we also take the sustainability and ethic aspects into consideration in every turn as well.


We all keep in mind the protection of our planet, and we are aware of the fact that our business activity has different influences on the environment. Therefore, keeping the environmental impact on the lowest level and protecting our natural resources is a significant part of the company philosophy. Besides the fact that we apply environmentally friendly technologies throughout our manufacturing processes, we initiate events to strengthen environmental consciousness.

Human Resources

Aside from the safe working environment, we provide opportunities to the personal and professional improvement. To make our business aims real, it is necessary to get talented working force with excellent skills, keep our present employees and provide a proper working environment from every aspects.

We support our employees with

  • recreational programmes
  • events, organization of a family day
  • medical screening tests
  • possibility to do sports

We protect our environment:

  • enhance environmental awareness
  • town-cleaning programmes

We participate in social activities and support associations like

  • local rescue associations, hospitals
  • local mother’s home, nurseries, schools
  • sport clubs, theatre 
Code of Ethics
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