Our company VIDEOTON Battery Technologies Ltd. is your partner in system solutions. We are at your disposal, flexibly, expertly, and technologically with the latest expertise. We always focus on the fulfillment of the product ideas of our partners through the whole process of value creation.

On the 9000 m² production area more than 200 types of batteries are produced, charged, tested and packaged by the employees of Kaposvár and Marcali. Anyone can meet with the produced Li-Ion, Li-metal and NI-MH batteries in many points of the world in power tools, household appliances, e-bikes, IT devices, or e-call systems. In the manufactured products, simple cells and complex battery packs can also be found. We sell our products not only in Europe, but in Asia and America as well. We design and implement the entire production process based on customer demand.

Designing and implementing production equipment:

  • custom production cells
  • conventional manual assembly lines
  • automated assembly lines

Creating production areas:

  • separating by customers
  • dedicated production teams
  • cleanroom desing
  • Industry 4.0 solutions

Paying attention to ESD protection and ventilation:

  • ESD floor
  • humidity control
  • central ventilation system
  • zoning

Optimizing logistics and warehousing:

  • unique barcode identification
  • supermarket system
  • air-conditioned warehouse for Li-ion products
  • planned smart solutions

Besides our main activity, we offer customized solutions in the area of logistics, purchasing, quality management, and various engineering services. One part of the assembly proceeds on the assembly lines provided by the partner, the rest is supported by the manual or semi-automated battery lines, testers, single-purpose machines and complementary devices, planned and implemented by our engineers. The production capacity approaches 5 million pcs of batteries monthly. The modern production areas are suitable for the latest technological requirements. For instance our Li-Ion hall is equipped with ESD floor and air-conditioning system. The production area in Kaposvár has automated humidity control and automated air circulating system.