Additional services

Apart from the primary cells, other services are also needed for battery assembly. With the more than fifty-years of experience on the field of plastic injection moulding and assembly of household appliances, we strongly believe that beyond assembly we ensure proper support for our customers in different fields. Our company together with VIDEOTON Elektro-PLAST Ltd. taking the advantage of synergies within VIDEOTON Group so we are also at your disposal in the following fields:


Strategic sourcing and procurement

  • available supplier base – more than 700 vendors
  • supplier development (co-operation, price negotiation)
  • specialized commodity sourcing
  • building strategic partnerships, seeking and qualifying new suppliers
  • purchased cells in the value of 47 million EUR from 6 suppliers


We guarantee the accomplishment of high level quality regulations with deliberate planning and regular monitoring. We apply effective follow-up programmes for measuring and analysing of production processes and search for possibilities to increasing efficiency. Electronic, mechanic and pneumatic planning of production lines, assembly patterns, single-purpose machines and production layouts are implemented with state-of-the-art CAD softwares.

We facilitate factory innovations with documented processes controlled by our LEAN organisation. We analyse the production lines, according to which we create plans to increase efficiency. We follow the accomplished plans and achieved cost savings. Follow-up of automation of assembly processes, automated data collection and human resources are in focus. We reattach the information about scrap analysis to the production processes. We hold 5S audits monthly in order to maintain and develop production capacity and the conditions of production area.  

  • state-of-the-art technologies
  • process automation
  • single-purpose machines 
    –  life-span and function testers 
    –  traceability systems 
    –  assembly fixtures, jigs 
  • high voltage testers
  • assembly lines (from simple to automated)

Injection moulding

  • moulding of thermoplastics (plastic covers of battery housings and all products in our portfolio)  
  • 100+ PIM machines with 15 – 650t clamp force
  • 1, 2 and 3 K plastic injection molding (vertical, horizontal)
  • online data collection system
  • tampo printing, hot stamping
  • welding technologies (infrared, mirror, ultrasonic)
  • 200 sorts of resin, 30 suppliers, 2600 tons per year
  • continuous maintenance of the more than 1100 tools
  • available technologies: CNC lathing, milling,
    laser welding, spark and wire eroison
    optical-, cylindrical and surface grinding, ultrasonic cleaning 
  • tool management (more than 10 partners)
  • supplier selection
  • price negotiation
  • regular site visits
  • time tracking


In favour of the smooth operation of the production we established a developed logistic infrastructure which is supported by smart solutions which are integrated into the logistic process. We control the inner raw material flow in a way that the components necessary for the production will be available in the proper time and quantity. So we have no need for expensive temporary warehouses. As a result of this, productivity can extend.  

  • 11,000 m2 warehouse storage capacity
  • 7,700 pallet storage capacity
  • 40 incoming trucks / week
  • 25 outgoing trucks / week
  • handling most incoterms from EXW to DDP for incoming and outgoing goods